Una Maid en Manhattan Capitulo 66 Completos

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Avance Una Maid en Manhattan Capitulo 66 Telenovela Online will be broadcast on telemundo. Dont forget to watch this telenovela. Wherever you are, office, home, college, school or in canteen will not hinder you to follow the stories of Completos Una Maid en Manhattan  because I will present all of Una Maid en Manhattan  telenovela online stories each chapter.

Sinopsis Of Una Maid en Manhattan Capitulo 66 Online : Marisa decides to migrate north to the United States for the sake of her son. Victor proposes to her and thus provides means of obtaining legal documents to live and work within the United States. In Los Angeles, Marisa and Victor are married, but things quickly sour when Marisa catches Victor cheating with another woman on their wedding day. She quickly decides to move to New York, where her childhood friend Belinda (Maite Embil) offers help. Thanks to Belinda's good word, Marisa finds employment as a maid in a Manhattan hotel and, through good work, begins to gain the trust and respect of the hotel manager. Consecutive wins as Employee of the Month and the encouragement of her maid friends begin to convince her that she should apply for the open position of assistant manager. Her aspirations for advancement are complicated by a mixup involving Christopher Parker (Eugenio Siller) a wealthy man and New York Senator's son, who is staying at the hotel.  Una Maid en Manhattan Capitulo 66.

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