Ver La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 102 Telenovela Online

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Avance La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 102 Telenovela Online will be broadcast on telemundo Monday 19 December 2011. Dont forget to watch this telenovela. Wherever you are, office, home, college, school or in canteen will not hinder you to see the video of La Que No Podia Amar telenovela because I will present all of La Que No Podia Amar telenovela online video each chapter.

Sinopsis Of La Que No Podia Amar : Rogelio invited Ana Paula fot have breakfast at the place, when they have finish Ana Paula just see someone as Ing. Gustavo Duran (Jose Ron) enters another door and frustrated her. Rogelio makes clear to her sister Vanesa did not want it in his life. Efrain enters the Cynthia's room and inviting her to take a bath together, she did not dislike the idea. Vanesa asks for divorce from Ernesto (Marco Méndez) but he tries to hold on, it will claim that he could not forget the paralytic, Vanesa defends him and tells him not. Rogelio tells Ana Paula about the first person that she has back to trust. Consuelo enters Cynthia room for cleaning the bedroom and finds a scarf of Efrain. Vanesa's father, Federico (Humberto Elizondo) advises her daughter not to miss what is something that will probably never come. Ana Paula runs into the Vanesa town and forbidden return to find Rogelio.

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colormiel17 said...

Buen día ¿Cuando van a descubrir a Bruno? Ya basta de tanto daño su personaje es más SOSO no trasmite NADA pongan a un buen Profesor de actuación para que lo enseñe a actuar. No trasnite nada, puro físico Fuera de la novela ya. La mayoría de televidentes queremos que Ana Paula quede con Rogelio ellos son los verdaderos Protagonistas.

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